QTS Only (Primary)

Our QTS Only programme is delivered through Prestolee SCITT, and is delivered over an academic year. On completion of the programme you will be awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

The programme will combine subject and theoretical training and school-based teaching placements with various flexible options to ensure the training programme is tailored to your particular areas of interest and strengths. You will have a main base school where you will complete a teaching block during the Autumn and Summer Terms, and you will also complete a contrasting block placement in an alternative setting with the opportunity to choose a placement with a particular focus, such as SEN or schools with a high number of EAL pupils.

Key Areas of Learning

  • Mentored teaching placements   

You will complete 3 teaching blocks, one per term, with both the Autumn and Summer term blocks being undertaken at your main base school. Throughout all your teaching placements you will be supported by a specially trained school-based mentor who will provide the guidance, support and challenge needed to ensure you are meeting all of the standards for QTS. This is in addition to the support you will receive from your Classroom Teacher, your Lead Mentor and the Prestolee ITT Management Team. This guided support is central to our ITT programmes.

  • Professional, subject and pedgogical studies

The theoretical part of the programme takes place via tutored sessions covering everything from Literacy and Phonics to Behaviour Management and the role of Teaching Assistants. Subject based training is delivered by a range of outstanding practitioners and Specialist Leaders of Education and take a variety of formats to ensure knowledge and skills are developed. All study sessions are a central part of the programme and give trainees the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities including presentations, project collaboration & group discussion. Training takes place at Prestolee Primary School in addition to various locations across Bolton and Greater Manchester.

  • Enriched Learning

In addition to the above key areas of learning, trainees are given the opportunity to experience a range of other settings to enhance their learning and widen their scope of understanding of the various educational settings.

All trainees will have:

  1. A 6 week contrasting placement in another school and key stage.
  2. Experience of the creative curriculum based on an extended school visit and joint project.
  3. Experience in a Special School - for some trainees there will be the opportunity to undertake their contrasting placement in an SEN setting.
  4. Early Years and KS3 experience.
  5. Experience with pupils for whom English is not their first language.