Frequently Asked Questions



We understand that researching the many options open to you for your journey into ITT is daunting, and we also know there are some common misconceptions and questions around school-led ITT. Please read through the information below and if you don't see the answer you are looking for, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


What is a SCITT?

A SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) is an organisation that has been given government accreditation to run and accredit its own training courses. After successfully delivering the School Direct Programme for a number of years, we were able to become officially accredited as an ITT provider in February 2015.

What does this actually mean?

This means that the recommendation for QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) sits with us as a SCITT, rather than with the University. It also means that Ofsted now holds us to account for our ITT provision.

Will you teach me how to be a teacher?

You will receive as much practical training, if not more, as you would on a university-led PGCE. Teaching is not one size fits all, and what works for one person doesn't always work for another. Prestolee SCITT will give you all the tools you need, but with the freedom and opportunity to build your own teaching foundations and establish your identity as a teacher.

Will I be thrown in at the deep end and expected to teach by myself early on?

No and no. You initially spend time in your placement school before your block teaching weeks commence in November, to observe and build up your confidence. This is different for all trainees however, so if you are more experienced this time can be used to take groups or indeed the whole class if you felt ready for this. During your block teaching weeks, we need to get you to a minimum teaching amount. The progression of this is again bespoke to you and will be fully supported by the class teacher and your school-based mentor. At all times during the programme you can expect the full support of our ITT team.

I have heard the phrase ‘treated like a professional’ so does this mean I will be expected to have the same knowledge as established teachers?

Again, no. The difference is that you are a trainee teacher rather than a student. Rather than schools taking trainees who are on university led PGCEs for a short teaching block, school-led ITT allows trainees to have the same level of dedicated support and training with the added benefit of being integrated into the core staffing from the beginning of the Autumn term. There is so much more to learning to be a teacher than what goes on within a classroom, and you will get to experience this simply by spending more time in your main placement school. Schools are crazy, stressful, heart-warming and wonderful places, and more exposure to this only adds to the rich experience of school-led ITT. This also helps you to build relationships with staff members, so you have this support in addition to that of your fellow trainees.

Will I only get teaching experience in one school?

To become a qualified teacher you must teach in at least two schools, therefore you will complete a contrasting placement in another setting during the programme. 

Is school-based ITT a better choice for people thinking of switching careers or for recent graduates?

We believe school-led ITT is the best option for all ITT candidates, enabling trainees to complete a professional, school-based training programme alongside a university-led PGCE. 


Will I get the same financial support? 

Your eligibility for financial support is dictated by your individual circumstances (this is decided by the NCTL and the latest information is available here) however this is the same whether you are completing a school-led or university based ITT programme.

Will I get a job?

We so far have an overall success rate of 90% for employment, above national average, and we aim to continue this success. The programme itself, specific interview training we undertake and exposure to so many more opportunities through being the first port of call for NQT positions from our partner schools and wide network of colleagues, means training with Prestolee SCITT is the best way of securing employment at the end of your training year.