All Applications are completed via UCAS Teacher Training and you can apply for more than one route with us, Initial Teacher Training with or without a PGCE. 



1. Visit the UCAS website via the link provided
2. Click the ‘Teacher Training’ button
3. Select the ‘Find A Programme’ link
4. In the ‘Search for a training provider OR select a region’ box type ‘Prestolee SCITT’ and hit ‘SEARCH’

We have 2 programmes, with a choice to teach either 3-7 (EYFS and Key Stage 1) or 5-11 (Key Stages 2 & 3)

Primary - Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) with PGCE (UCAS CODE 2TD9)

Primary - Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) only (UCAS CODE 2TD8)


Once your application has been received by UCAS they will be sent to us for review and you will receive notification as to whether you have secured a place at interview. For those who are unsuccessful at this stage, you will be provided with feedback. The most common reason for non-success at the application stage is too little experience, as we need to be sure applicants are ready to undertake all elements of the programme, therefore we advise all applicants to read their feedback carefully and contact us should they have any further queries.

Further Details


As part of the application process you are required to complete the references section, and we will not receive copies of your application until this section has been completed.

Primary with PGCE applicants 

For applicants currently studying, one referee must be your current tutor. The second referee should be someone who can provide a professional reference, and this should ideally be the Head Teacher of the school in which you have gained most of your experience.

For applicants who are in employment, one referee must be your current employer.The second referee should be your HEI Tutor, and this is compulsory for those who graduated within the last 3 years (from 2012). For graduation prior to this, we will accept a second professional reference should an academic one prove difficult to obtain.

QTS Only applicants

For applicants currently studying, one referee must be your current tutor. For those in employment, one referee must be your current employer. The second referee must be the Head Teacher of the school in which you have gained most of your experience, and must evidence:


The Selection Process

Once applications are received through UCAS, they undergo a careful screening process to ascertain suitabilty for interview.

Consideration is given to how much experience applicants have had in primary schools; academic qualifications (or predictions for pending degrees); suitability to teach & personal qualities and the quality of the personal statement in terms of grammar and spelling. Those selected will be invited to attend an interview day. Where applicants cannot make the specified date, an alternative date can be arranged subject to available places.

What do we look for?

Put simply, we are looking for potential. More specifically, we are looking for candidates who have the qualities required for a career in teaching, the potential to turn these qualities into a journey towards becoming a great teacher, and the work ethic and determination required to make this a reality.

We want to hear from people who are personable, friendly and engaging; have a strong work ethic and a positive outlook; who understand the importance of teaching and want to make a difference.

We welcome applications from both career changers with valuable work experience, through to those who are in their final year of their first degree. We also seek to accept applications from groups under-represented in teaching: ethnic minority trainees, students with disabilities and male teachers.


Entry Criteria - What You Need To Train With Prestolee


The minimum criteria required for Primary Initial Teacher Training programmes at Prestolee SCITT are:

Academic qualifications:

A UK Bachelor degree qualification of 2:2 or above, or a recognised equivalent qualification. 

5 GCSE grades A-C to include English Language, Mathematics and Science (or equivalent)


For Primary with PGCE applicantsMinimum 10 days experience within a primary setting within the previous 12 months (applicants can cite planned experience as part of their personal statement, however it is advised to gain this experience first in order to ensure consideration for interview.)

For QTS Only applicants: Minimum 20 days experience within a primary setting within the previous 12 months. This experience must have been gained across both key stages, and one of you references must be from the Head Teacher of a/the hosting school.

International qualifications

International qualifications will be checked for comparability via the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC). 

Applicants without the required GCSE grades

Where candidates do not have the required GCSE grades or equivalent for their chosen pathway, they must complete an equivalency test. These can be completed at various institutions and applicants are advised to visit in the first instance. Where applicants are completing equivalency tests, a condition of offer will be the successful completion to the minimum level prior to commencement on the course.

All applicants will be required to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check to verify their suitability for working with young people. This will be a condition of offer.


Writing your personal statement

A vital part of the application process is the completion of your personal statement.


You should spend time on this and ensure the maximum character count of 4000 is used for maximum effect. You should also proof read before sending, and we would always advise asking someone to read it before it is sent.


UCAS publish guidance on writing your personal statement, and we will assess your statement on the following factors:

Articulation, grammar, spelling and presentation.

Reflection on your school experience to date. 

Demonstration of a commitment to teaching.

Evidence of your skill base and experiences, and how this relates to a potential for teaching.


The Interview Process

The interview process will take place over one day and contains 3 elements:

Teaching activity

You will be given a theme and details in advance and asked to complete a 'mini-teach' to a small group of children. The teaching activity is to assess the following:

Formal Interview

This part of the interview process will be conducted by two interviewers and aims to delve deeper into the information submitted on your application form. Your interviewers will be assessing the following:

  • Communication skills
  • School experience
  • Your knowledge of teaching and understanding of the qualities required to do the job
  • Your personal qualities 
  • Evidence of your commitment to a career in teaching

 Written Activity

You will undertake a 2 part written activity, and the following will be assessed:

Each aspect of the interview process will be ultimately graded using specific criteria and your performance will be discussed in detail before decisions are made. We endeavour to give every candidate the opportunity to prove they are ready to undertake the programme, and all unsuccessful candidates will be provided with feedback. A common reason for rejection is that candidates are simply not ready, and whilst we feel they may have the necessary potential, we also know they need to get more experience with a view to reapplying the following year.


Skills Tests

All ITT applicants need to complete literacy and numeracy skills tests. These can be completed at various Learn Direct centres and are a condition of offer. Candidates can apply before the tests have been taken, but they must have been passed before the start of the programme.

The tests are designed to ensure candidates are sufficiently competent in literacy and numeracy, and therefore able to fulfill their professional duties. The tests are computerised and real information and data is used to set the tests in the context of the professional teacher role.

What do I do?

The first attempt at each test is free of charge, after this your next two available attempts are payable. Should all 3 attempts be unsuccessful, you will not be able to repeat the process again for 24 months and therefore won't be able to participate in an ITT programme during this time.

When you register to take the tests you will be asked to provide proof that you have applied for an ITT programme, and accepted evidence includes your interview letter, a completed application form or correspondence from an ITT provider. You can access practice tests for literacy here and numeracy here once you are ready you can book your tests through Learn Direct.

Please click here for tips and guidance on booking your skills tests.

Some candidates will qualify for special arrangements. For more information on these visit